Opera Skaala – A pioneer in the contemporary Finnish opera

  • A Finnish independent ensemble that operates along the boundaries of opera, new electronic music and contemporary dance.
  • A pioneer in the contemporary Finnish opera. Founded in 1996
  • Participated in the Finnish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, titled Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, with the song “Heart Of Light” in 2015. Finished 3rd.
  • Artistic director:  mezzosoprano Essi Luttinen  www.essiluttinen.com

Opera Skaala utilizes new technology and modern-day musical styles, while holding to the quality and excellence defined by tradition. Opera Skaala’s productions find innovative perspectives on the history of opera, unlocking new possibilities and reaching a wide contemporary audience.

Founded in 1996, Skaala has mounted 28 world or Finnish premieres of new operatic works, including several highly acclaimed productions of operas by Philip Glass. In addition to being a recognized and award-winning opera company, Skaala is a sought-after collaborating partner both in Finland and internationally.

Skaala’s guiding principle is the search for new forms of operatic expression and perspectives for the making of art. The company reinterprets the conventions of opera in many ways, including venues, performance technology and musical styles. Skaala also works regularly at the borderline between new opera and contemporary dance, seeking to find new connections between these artforms.

We welcome proposals for new opera premieres as well as ideas for international collaboration in the field of new opera.